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Live instruction



Private Lessons in Combination of Online Materials:

Live Instruction – Private Lessons

l   Total Learning Experience – 100% Practicing Listening and Speaking Skills

n   Our teaching approach facilitate students to speak at least 50% of time in class and therefore teacher speaks the other 50%, i.e. students, at the same time practice Listening Skills. (Graph can be showed)


l   Customized Program according to students needs and progress:

n   Because this is one-on-one basis program, we are able to customize a program suit to your needs and teach according to your learning progress. There will not be a situation happen that the program is TOO EASY OR DIFFICULT.


Please go to this page for further information of private and group lessons. More Info


Online Material

This is designed to give students the opportunity to gain confidence in using the most common vocabulary and grammar relevant to everyday situations.

1. There are 30 sessions for the whole course.
2. Each session consists of about 7 to 8 sentences, and about 25 new words and expressions.
3. The whole course  introduces around 550 of most frequently used words in daily life.
4. EDC uses a communicative approach and places emphasis on learning communication skills.
5. 188 key sentences make up the main structure of the course, around which situational dialogues are introduced, covering the most useful situations in real life.
6. Language Points are explained in simple English and set out in a logical step-by-step order that is easy to understand.


Please go to this page for online learning material for self-study. More Info



Online Materials in combination of Live Instruction:

l   Knowledge Consolidation: The online materials are good to be a tool to reinforce and consolidate the knowledge after the class.

l   Proficiency Maintenance: Maintain students’ proficiency level as they just finish the program for longer time.

l   Interactive and Comprehensive Learning: The Online Programs are interactive to arouse student’s interest to learn, doing exercise and revision. The programs are more comprehensive and shorten the learning time.

l   Flexibility and Convenience: Students are able to learn anywhere and anytime.


Live Instruction to reinforce the active knowledge, Listening and Speaking, and at the same time, Online materials to consolidate passive knowledge, Reading and Writing Skills.