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Measure Words – 06 Verbal Classifiers & others

Chinese Pinyin Main uses
dù (du) degree (angle, temperature)
Verbal Classifiers
Chinese Pinyin Main uses
biàn (bian) the number of times an action has been completed
场 (場) chǎng (chang) a length of an event taking place within another event
cì (ci) times (unlike 遍, 次 refers to the number of times regardless of whether or not it was completed)
顿 (頓) dùn (dun) actions without repetition
huí (hui) occurrences (used colloquially)
声 (聲) shēng (sheng) cries, shouts, utterances
tàng (tang) trips, visitations
xià (xia) brief and often sudden actions (hit 打两下, press 摁一下) much more common in Cantonese than in North dialects


Informal Classifiers

In modern colloquial speech of certain Chinese dialects, 俩 (liǎ) is sometimes used in lieu of 两个 (liǎng ge), thereby assuming the identity of a measure word meaning “two of (such and such)”. The same holds true for 仨 (sā), three (items of a general nature).