07 In the Bank – 4 Notes

Topic Progress:



1. Chinese currency : this is known as “人民币(rénmínbì)”(RMB)  ,the units of currency are expressed as “(yuán)(jiǎo)(fēn)”,  the largest single unit is(yuán). There are 10(jiǎo)in 1(yuán), 10(fēn)” in 1(jiǎo).


2.  In spoken Chinese, (kuài) is used for(yuán), and(máo) for(jiǎo), but(fēn) remains unchanged.



Formal       informal

(yuán)        (kuài)    1 (yuán)=10 (jiǎo)= 100 (fēn)

(jiǎo)          (máo)    1 (jiǎo)=10 (fēn)

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