Cloud Material

You are able to retrieve your learning material anywhere anytime.

Very Flexible

Live Instruction in a combination of e-learning solution will maximize your learning experience.

Learn On the Road

Even you are on business trip, you still be able to maintain good learning progress via iedc with our learning material materials.

Live Instruction

After studying "Cloud" material, the next stage is to book a session with our teacher to consolidate your knowledge and fine tune your pronunciation.

Want to know more about EDC?

Please call us to get further information regarding private, group live instruction or our e-learning solutions to help you learn Mandarin, Cantonese, English and others.

Mandarin Level Check

EDC Level Checking System, fast and accurate to check you level in minutes.

Free Mandarin Online Lessons

Free Online Material – Mandarin

We have online material for self-study and live instruction, private and group lessons.
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Our Service

  • Unique EDC

    Student speaks 50% of the time whilst teacher speaks 50% of the time. Without Translation Process: Students will learn Mandarin or Cantonese with "Listen, Think and Speak" learning process, like want you learned your first language.
  • Most popular Course, Private Lessons

    Mandarin and Cantonese Private Lessons Beginner Level to Basic Level: 60 lessons x HK$175 = HK$10,500 4.5 months (2 lessons per time and twice a week) Range of Expression : can understand and use the most frequently encountered basic sentence structures, up to 1,000 vocabulary items and one or two common verb tenses Functional Capacity: can satisfy simple personal needs
  • Who are EDC teachers?

    Teachers must be Native Mandarin or Cantonese Speakers with the most standard accents for the target languages All teachers in EDC use the same teaching approach whereas most of the language schools in Hong Kong are just the agents to introduce teachers to you.