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Mandarin Foundation

This Mandarin Foundation Course is what you need for getting around in China.

We have summarized what are the most commonly used words, sentences and grammars for daily situations with essential “MUST LEARN” PinYin as a starting point.

The contents are all digested and summarized to people to get the basic idea of speaking Mandarin, no more or no less, and more than enough to get around in China for basic needs.

Nearly over 20 hours material and digested into only 4 hours courses for self-study or live instruction.

Again, for students who will go for self-study, once finishing this course, you should consider to take at least one hour private lesson to consolidate what you have learnt from here. Or find someone who is native Mandarin speaker to practise.

For students who want to try to learn Mandarin, you could use this material as a supplement material for revision or to listen several times to familiarize the tones and sounds of Mandarin.



Basic Knowledge

1.     Chinese Phonetics

2.     Parts of Speech

3.     Sentence Elements

4.     Word Order

5.     Types of Sentences


Daily Conversation

1. Greetings

2. Names

3. Numbers, Time & Date