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iMandarin for Beginners Online System

This is  a free online Mandarin lessons, please enjoy!!

EDC Online programs:

We have 3 online programs for Mandarin Learners. They are good for:

  1. Casual Learners
  2. Serious Learners
  3. Long-term and short-term commitments Learners
  4. Busy Learners
  5. Learners with different degree of flexibility


Mandarin Online programsMORE INFO

  • Crash Course
  • Simple sentences for daily conversation
  • Easy to learn
  • Good for self-study and for people just want to use Mandarin with simple phrases


Mandarin FoundationMORE INFO

  • All basic knowledge of Mandarin in details, PinYin (Pronunciation), Grammar and Sentence Structure.
  • Simple and complicated sentences for daily conversation, simple to difficult
  • Good for serious learners to start with this program before learning further programs
  • Live instruction with EDC, 1-to-1 private lessons will be about 4-6 hours to finish, compare to traditional teaching approach for 20 hours. Self-study at your own pace, difficult to estimate.


Mandarin ExpressMORE INFO

Material for EDC Group lessons

Live instruction (Group), 2 hours per topic with completion of exercises. Self-study at your own pace.

More complicated grammar and sentence structures compare to “Mandarin Online Program” as above.

Learners should take the [Mandarin Foundation] course as above before taking this program for effectiveness or as a natural flow of learning

For serious learners to learn Mandarin but not interested in private lessons with the best effectiveness.